O Trampolim de Oiticica

O Trampolim de Oiticica is a series of performances linked to musical composition. Different emotional states are proposed to be experienced and, at the same time, expressed trough music. A proposition to work personal and social issues trough art.



A proposition about loneliness and madness. For seven days I was isolated without being able to contact anyone. This process was done at the Talasnal village, in Serra da Lousã (Portugal). A place that has automated water, gas and energy distribution but is empty out of the tourist season. Also, to not accidentally meet someone, I could only leave the house at night.


39 dias

"39 days, the silence between us." After their relationship ended, the pianist Pedro Carneiro Silva and the cellist Raquel Reis were without any contact for 39 days. When they met again, they remained silent for 1h and, after this period, should seek communication only through music.


Tempo em Movimento

A proposal to experience a long and slow process in which only one measure could be written per day. Nothing was predetermined and the path of the composition was developed over almost two months of work, always moving forward as nothing could be changed later. The process had a total duration of 51 days.


Seis dias em Silêncio

The proposition was to remain in silent. For this, I proposed myself to be without any communication with the outside, whatever it was: spoken, written, gestural, body language. For six days I was free to receive all the information and sensations from outside - from the city, from people, from images, from sounds - but I could not respond to them. From the third day in this state, I began to seek communication with the outside through music. Here you can listen to an arrangement in a Jazz trio form.

Pedro Carneiro Silva - Piano

Moses Perez - Bass

David Pires - Drums


©2017 by Pedro Carneiro Silva