Luiza & Pedro

"There is no boundary that art cannot cross, and these artists have an experience that is worth taking." Paul Weyer - A&R Factory.

Luiza & Pedro's music has already been to Europe, India and Brazil. They started performing together in Portugal and Spain between 2013 and 2014. The new repertoire featuring their own compositions was developed in 2016 (with Luiza on vocals, guitar, viola and Pedro on piano) while they were living in India.

Their first album, "Versos do Capitão" (The Capitan's Verses) released in September 2017, is a musical journey that uses music and poetry to talk about dreams, love and farewells.

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Centro da Música Carioca - Rio de Janeiro
Prachwerk - Berlin
The Piano Man - Delhi
Centro da Música Carioca - Rio de Janeiro

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