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​Água Verde

Pedro Carneiro Silva e Frederico Cavaliere
(Piano)                   (Clarinet)

Água Verde is the first album featuring my own compositions and I was really glad to have the partnership of the clarinetist Frederico Cavaliere, a musician of great sensibility, in this project with me.

The songs were composed between 2012 and 2015 when I was living between Lisbon, London and Berlin and are about personal experiences and impressions lived during this period. Me and Frederico worked on the songs during 2015, giving them a very intimate approach.

The Album has 3 compositions from the project "O Trampolim de Oiticica" in which I tried new possibilities for musical composition.

"Tempo em Movimento" (Time in Motion) talks about time and anxiety. The composition process took over 2 months in which I disciplined myself to make only one bar per day. "A Ilha" (The Island) came from a random encounter in the city where I asked a person in the street, whom I did not know, to talk about a feeling she was experiencing. She spoke about isolation and in exchange I made this song. "Solidão"(Loneliness) addresses the difficulty of being alone. In this process I was isolated for 7 days in a remote village where I was not allowed to meet and see anyone.

The album was recorded in 2015 in Rio de Janeiro and released in 2017.

You can listen to Água Verde in all the main music streamings platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube...), in the player above or you can download the Album in here.

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