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Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 467


The first thing I noticed when I sat on the bench were the Brazilian flags. There are two on the other side of the street but there is also a small one in the window near here on the first floor, a sticker. Can you see?

Then I saw that in the building above the American stores, there is a window written “Photo” on it. How do we get there?

Then I saw the cameras. There are those big ones here in front, that controls the traffic, but there are also the little ones. Filming the entrance of the buildings and the stores, those are discreet ones.

In the middle window, from the building across the street, you can see a dresser inside. And hanging in the same window a hummingbird house. How can there be hummingbirds here, in the midst of so many buildings and cars?

On the pole in front there is a black thread that goes down and makes a knot, as if it were the end, the end of the line.

On the top left, a beautiful yellow vase but with no flower inside.

On the other side of the street there is a gate with a long corridor and at the end a luminous sign flashing eternally “lottery”. Will anyone ever win?

Many things can only be seen during the day or night, depending on the sunlight or the light inside the apartments. Like that crucifix, hanging on the wall of the leftmost window on the first floor in the building across the street that you can only see at night.

Motorcycles always arrive first when the light turns.

The windows in the building on the right are all different from each other.

The stores, despite being very colorful, do not attract attention.

Now a 7550 bus has passed. A girl with a shopping cart stopped right in front of me. A 309. A delivery man is wandering around with a package. A man with a peeing dog at the building's gate. A woman fiddles with her cell phone without looking around. A 409, three taxis in a row, a 548. A lady who passes by, even in this heat, with a red scarf around her neck.

When the next traffic light opens,

I will have to cross.

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